The Prescription Discount Card

To some people it seems like just about every cent they make goes right to the pharmacy. The prescription prices are on the rise and so are out of pocket expenses.
One city is making a change by offering up new prescription cards, aimed at getting discounts from the big name pharmacies.
Officials in Carbondale claim that more than twenty percent can be saved at large pharmacies on some prescriptions by using the discount card.
This is driving the smaller pharmacies to offer similar deals in attempt to keep their business.
There is no reason why anybody should want to ignore the savings that can be provided by such a card.

This opportunity was provided to Carbondale because it is a Nation League of Cities member. The target are prescriptions that insurance does not cover or has limited coverage over and includes CVS/Caremark chains in over four hundred fifty cities around the nation.
Another great way to save money is to go with the generic labels of the medications that you need. IT is the same medication as the major brands at a much more reasonable price.

The discount cards are nothing new, but are a good way to keep a competitive market in the pharmaceutical industry. You do not need to be from any particular city to pick up one of these discount cards. They work at many locations across the country.