Why You Should Consider Purchasing a Discount Prescription Plan

When our budgets are tight, any discount is a godsend. This is a common issue for millions of Americans every day when confronted with outrageous prescription costs and trying to afford the cost of living. Many of us often face skipping vital medication doses because the price of a refill is too much. Discount prescription plans help to ease this burden when our insurance coverage will not and when we do not have access to prescription benefits.

How Drug Discount Cards Work

It’s a well-known fact that prescription drug costs in the U.S. are significantly higher than anywhere else in the world. A recent Bloomberg article reported that we spend a whopping $1200 a year on our individual prescription needs.

Why are these prices so high in a nation famous for its prosperity? It has to do with drug companies having no major limitations in how they operate the pricing schemes for their products. Pharmaceutical corporations get exclusive ownership for a set number of years over their medications when it comes to making and distributing it. During that time, nothing is stopping them from charging astronomical prices to patients dependent on their drugs.

This situation makes prescription discount plans essential in moving past the financial barrier imposed by these companies. By negotiating directly with a pharmacy on medication pricing, these low-cost drug programs help bring in more business for the store while helping customers afford much-needed care.

Why Health Plan Prescription Coverage Isn’t Enough

It’s a common scenario for many individuals filling a prescription: your insurance company refuses to cover any cost of it. In today’s health insurance market, coverage has become skimpier and more hollow. Many major health insurance plans offer some form of prescription coverage, but many participants don’t realize there is typically an exclusion list. On this list are the names of medications not covered by their policy. The reasons for drugs being placed on this list vary widely, but it puts the full cost of the prescription on the patient’s shoulders.

Another reason your regular health coverage might not be ideal for prescription discounts is the copay and deductible you are responsible for paying. This is a problem for those needing a prescription, but the insurance company demands a high copay for or refuses coverage until the annual deductible has been met. This could mean you pay full price or a $60 copay for a drug that would only cost you $15 using a discount card like 1020RX offers.

How to Choose a Prescription Discount Plan

Getting the best discount is key for anyone with regular prescriptions that need filling. With drug costs and coverage making costs higher and higher to consumers, it’s important to take any guesswork out of the equation when deciding on a discount prescription program. Doing thorough research on the benefits, limitations, and savings you should get when using one of these plans is vital before ever signing up.

Some important things to consider when selecting a discount prescription plan like 1020RX include the following:

Verify That Your Pharmacy Accepts Your Discount Prescription Plan

Not every pharmacy is equal when it comes to accepting discount plans and insurance. Always call ahead and verify your prescription coverage can be used at that pharmacy location.

Check the Reviews of the Discount Prescription Plan

Verifying a discount prescription company has an excellent track business track record is a crucial part of deciding to sign up. Places like the Better Business Bureau can not only show you a grade card rating of A – F but allow you to view previous or ongoing complaints.

Contact the Discount Plan’s Customer Service

Trustworthy prescription discount plan companies like 1020RX have attentive and accessible customer service. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and experience the type of customer care you will receive once a member.

Understand How Your Privacy Is Affected

Your personal data and how a company uses it is an important factors to consider when choosing a discount prescription plan. While some corporations offering these specialized drug programs might sell your information to third party marketers, some use this information to track your medication. This ensures you get the best deals possible based on this data.

Don’t Bounce Around to Different Pharmacies

Shopping around for the best price is innate to American consumers in every industry. From clothing to food, we want the best quality for the lowest price. This is especially true in the drug industry, but switching pharmacies constantly is dangerous to your health. Having a regular pharmacist is critical in avoiding counter-indication situations. Stay with one pharmacy for your prescription needs.

Speak With Your Doctor and Pharmacist About Available Discount Plans

Your doctor and pharmacist get bombarded by drug companies and discount offers every day. They are a great resource if you want a starting point when looking for a reliable discount prescription plan. Many times they are familiar with how they work and might have the actual savings amount you can expect for your regular prescription.

Choose a Premier Discount Prescription Plan to Fit Your Needs

With major medical insurance lacking the coverage and pricing that many Americans can afford, discount prescription cards are proving their value more and more. At 1020RX, we help our customers bridge the gap of high-cost drugs and their budgets by negotiating better prices with their local pharmacies. We also offer discounts on generic and brand-name drugs and have segmented them into three easy-to-understand cost categories.

Our mail-order pharmacy program also makes it possible for patients needing maintenance medications to get even deeper discounts on their prescriptions, possibly. When you sign up for a no-obligation first month of service that you can cancel at any time, we provide you with many benefits, including:

  • Quality healthcare programs at affordable pricing
  • Discount prescription costs to keep you healthy
  • Reduced dental costs for a healthy smile